Gangsta Fail

PhotobucketHello there! We’ve all heard of the proverbial gangsta types. They beat you up, wreck your car and mug you at gunpoint. But what happens when the hardcore become soft as peaches?

This is my Top 5 Gangsta Fail pictures that will leave you saying the cliched WHAT THE F!? Just like this guy:

(TOP 5) What can you do? The man gotta get ‘em sparkling vampires!

(TOP 4) That soccer mom sure is from the hood (or at least pretending to be)!

(TOP 3) Is it just me? Or does he really look like a thumb with a gangsta hat on?

(TOP 2) I’m lovin’ your milkshake! You want some fries with that?

(TOP 1) 17 DOLLARS! Now that’s gangsta!


6 responses to “Gangsta Fail

  1. ang kupal naman nyan! :)) FUNNY THOUGH! MORE MORE! =))

  2. THIS IS SOOO FUNNY!!! =))))

  3. Glad you liked it, dear readers. Watch out for more!

  4. BENTA MUCH =))

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