Munch on Some Dutch


Are you tired of the same food choices along Katipunan? Want to satisfy your taste buds with something new for a change? Then head on over to Van Marley’s! It’s a Dutch-inspired café along Xavierville Avenue.

The idea all started when the owners visited Amsterdam in 2008 and discovered poffertjes, a popular Dutch treat that resembled mini pancakes. They thought about importing this idea to the Philippines and went back to Amsterdam in 2009 and 2010 to devote their time taking notes on the creation of poffertjes and the finalization of their menu and concepts.

The name Van Marley’s is sort of on Dutch origin. The Dutch love the Jamaican culture, and Marley is in reference to Bob Marley. Van Marley’s translation is “Of Marley’s.”

Their menu has five parts: Munchies, Fillers, Bonbons, Dips and Swigs. Munchies are basically your main course while the fillers are your side dishes. The bonbons are the desserts and the swigs are your drinks. Yes, by night, this café turns into a small watering hole! So if you and your friends want a new place to chill at night or if you just happen to want to try European beers, Van Marley’s is the place to go!

Flying Dutch Wings with Ranch Dip

Dutchkins or Poffertjes

Kroket with Joppie Sauce


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