Belly Good

PhotobucketIt’s been three weeks since the New Year started and I’m sure you guys have included a healthy lifestyle in your resolutions. If not, well now’s the perfect time to get in good shape by eating vegetarian food! I know meat-lovers would rather eat an authentic slab of pork chop or sizzling sisig but trust me meatless doesn’t have to be tasteless! I know a great place in Katipunan called Blissful Belly that serves great-tasting vegetarian food for the heart. Found in a small corner along Xavierville Avenue, this healthy restaurant offers not only lutong-bahay but also a very homey atmosphere as well. Their food is served buffet style so you can choose among plenty of different main and side dishes. Each visit to Belly Good is a new experience because there’s really no set menu since the food served is based on the organic suppliers they have.

So go ahead and try something new for a change! Blissful Belly will surely make your belly feel BELLY good!

Feel at home atmosphere.

Extra healthy vegetable dishes.

Must-try Vegan Barbeque made from slices of gluten, instead of chunks of pork covered in a sweet barbecue sauce.


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