WTF Celebrity Yearbook Photos!


Most of us probably complained about our yearbook photos taken back then. Fuzzy hair, buckteeth, brace face, thick-rimmed glasses and awkward smiles. At least at some point you get to smile and say, “I look way better now.” I bet these celebrities can relate! Here are Pink Daddy’s Top 8 WTF HAPPENED TO YOU Celebrity Yearbook Photos!

Top 8: George Clooney

So what do you call that haircut, George? The Coconut Husk cut?

Top 7: Lil Jon

I cannot imagine the old Lil Jon shouting “whut,” “yeah” and “everybody” hysterically. I can’t even imagine the old him holding a pimp cup!

Top 6: Snoop Dogg

(L-R) Snoop Dogg, the scholarly-image kind and Snoop Dogg, the gangster-pimp kind. Is it me or did he look like Kobe Bryant before?

Kobe Bryant

Top 5: Eminem

I never imagined Eminem smiling.

Top 4: Avril Lavign

I don’t think a Sk8er Boi went for her during those days.

Top 3: Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal used to look like Joanthan Lipnicki (the boy from Stuart Little).

Jonathan Lipnicki

Top 2: Adam Lambert

No friends, that’s not Lance Bass.

Top 1: Ryan Seacrest

No side comment needed. Simply, WTF HAPPENED TO YOU? (In a good way!)

Just leave a comment or message Pink Daddy if you wish to suggest any topic for the next installment of WTF Wednesday!


One response to “WTF Celebrity Yearbook Photos!

  1. GRABE RYAN SEACREST!!!!!! =))=))=))=))=))

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