Big Is the New Black

I’m dreadfully sorry for the delay. I’ve been doing personal projects I’m sure you’ll love to hear about. But let’s reserve that for another session, shall we?

I loved reading children’s books back then. From Chicken Little to The Ant and the Grasshopper, I was bedazzled by the lives of these fictional characters. I’d march all over our living room clad in a peasant outfit, pretending to be Jack with a magical pile of beans.

So, imagine my surprise when I switched on the telly to find this …

… has been turned into this:

Starring the ever-hilarious Jack Black, Gulliver’s Travels recalls the voyage of Lemuel Gulliver as he finds himself in a world a bajillion times smaller than him — literally! Directed by Rob Letterman (of Shark Tale fame), this comic adaptation of the classic novel stars an awesome cast including Emily Blunt, Jason Segal and Amanda Peet.

I hear the reviews are pretty awesome (an upshot from the tragic reviews The Tourist has been getting). So, I’ve reserved a ticket for myself.

I’ll see you in the theaters!


3 responses to “Big Is the New Black

  1. Pambata daw masyado yung movie?

    Musta ba yung movie?

  2. I’ve seen it! It’s actually nice and entertaining. A modern fairytale, I should say :))

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