Knock Out Goodness


Want to have a real knock out? Then visit Kapow Sandwich Factory at the Celadon Week Bazaar and get a tasty kick out of their mouthwatering sandwich creations.

They offer freshly baked and packed ice cream sandwiches!  Yummy! Now that’s the perfect snack for a sweet tooth!

They also have satisfying pandesal sandwiches with a variety of flavors and sauces you can choose from!

You can also try their new sandwiches! The Wachop (spiced porkchop) and The Sausage Duo (frankfurter and Schublig).

PINK DADDY READERS GET P5 OFF! Just say the secret phrase “fun factory“.




8 responses to “Knock Out Goodness

  1. WOW! I tried Kapow a while ago 🙂 and I said the secret code 😛 Love the segment, Pink Daddy! How can I subscribe?

  2. Hey there, Kapow lover!

    Follow us on Bloglovin’ or click the “Sign me up!” button at the right hand corner of the site to get the latest updates. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, also 😉

    Stay as hot as you are! >:D<

  3. Hey, sorry can you link it to here? :))

  4. I can’t wait for the next food bazaar in Ateneo! I hope Kapow’s still selling there 😉

  5. UIIII KUMAIN AKO DITO! Sarap super!

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