Parenting Fail!


There might have been a point in your life wherein you feel that your parents messed you up. But, I don’t think you’ll complain anymore once you’ve seen Pink Daddy’s Top 5 PARENTING FAIL Picks!

Top 5

I never knew that when my dad asked, “you want to hang around with me?” he meant it literally.

Top 4

My mom believes that I should drink beer now and drink milk when I’m in college.

Top 3

I’ve been tramp stamped and my parents love it! What tattoo shall I get when I turn 6?

Top 2

Dad, if this is what you wanted, you should’ve just gone to Burger King instead of going to your honeymoon.

Top 1

And I live to tell the tale! Just one question, what was your plan B?




I just gotta share this! Great way to ruin someone else’s day. Men, beware! Sexy spies are out there!

Step 1: Ask for his background.

Step 2: Snoop around.

Step 3: Say, "You've been owned!"


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