Red Carpet Watch: Grammy Awards

Music’s biggest night has finally arrived and you all know what that means — yup, more red carpet coverage here at Pink Daddy! The Grammys is probably one of the more exciting award shows in my opinion, not just because of the awesome performances but also because of the fact that people get to be a little more daring with their outfits. Today, instead of bringing you the best dressed of the night, I bring to you the most outrageous of the bunch. Brace yourselves!


I just couldn’t take my eyes off Nicki Minaj in this outfit. It’s got strange and over-the-top written all over it. (Lady Gaga wannabe, anyone?) This outfit may be by Givenchy, but it’s animal print gone wrong! And don’t get me started on that hairdo.


Okay, maybe it’s a little too early to be poking fun at Willow Smith for what she wears. She’s only 10 years old after all. But I just don’t understand it…


AHHHH. Hayley Williams, what were you thinking? This outfit is so wrong — her hair is too red and that pink puffy thing at the bottom of the dress makes it even worse. And she was presenting tonight, too!


Last but definitely not the least is… You guessed it, Lady Gaga. Do you wanna know how weird her outfit was? She arrived in an egg. Need I say more? Her performance of Born This Way was amazing but… her entrance was not so pretty.


One response to “Red Carpet Watch: Grammy Awards

  1. hayley williams….why….why….why

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