JSEC Challenge


Every year about a hundred teams apply for a chance to own one of the 12 stalls in JGSOM Student Enterprise Center (JSEC). It’s an opportunity given to all Loyola Schools students who want to set up their own food business and earn money while they’re still in school.

Out of the many who applied, only 22 teams were chosen to present an oral defense to Mr. Mallari and Dean Ang, the Coordinator for Student Entrepreneurial Initiatives and Dean of the JGSOM, respectively. From the oral defense, 10 teams officially got accepted with two teams sharing one stall.

24 teams will be battling it out for the remaining 3 slots at The JSEC Challenge happening this week at the SEC Field.

Who will be chosen? You decide!

The 24 teams battling it out at the SEC Field

Chiyo Raymundo from Mister Macau and two customers, Mela and Patty

Some of the stalls competing:

Chicken Mama || Chicken Strip || Cuisean || Don Katsu || Food Trip || Goeng jang han || Hula Hut || Hungry Birds || Kare-got-ohh!!! || Locked and Loaded || Mister Macau || Mr. Roboto or Rock n’ Rolla || On A Roll || Perry’s || Rice ‘n Roll || ROBO Chinese || Seoulmate || Superbun || SurfDogs || The Three Chopsticks || Tiki Land || Trip! || Weezy’s Kebab || Wrap N’ Roll

Go to SEC Field this week and try their dishes!



One response to “JSEC Challenge

  1. I love the concept of the JSEC challenge! Plus, food there is super amazing 🙂

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