Funny Vandalism!

PhotobucketWhenever we take a stroll around the campus, we fail to see the little things – the fragrant flowers, the cute people walking around and most especially, the hilarious and creative VANDALISM! Here’s PINK DADDY’s TOP 5 PICKS for WTF (FUNNY) VANDALISM! These witty and humorous alterations or slogans are actually written and (maybe still) seen around the ADMU campus!

*Disclaimer: All photos were taken from the Overheard at Ateneo de Manila University Facebook page. The people who uploaded the photos in the site stated are mentioned, but it does NOT mean that they did the vandalism! They most probably just took photos of it 🙂

TOP 5: Will you be able to enter a door with Trollface’s face on it?

Seen at: CTC310
Photo taken by: Vhan Reventar

TOP 4: Shame on you! That’s not the way to treat the ladies! You should learn a thing or two from Pink Daddy! Tsk. Tsk.

Seen at: the Old Rizal Lib
Photo taken by: Gerard Lim

TOP 3: The one who wrote this has a point.

Seen at: an armchair in Bellarmine
Photo taken by: Abba Moreno

TOP 2: How can you concentrate on pooping when you have a DOOR commanding you what to do or assuming what you’re doing in the cubicle? HAHAHA!

Seen at: 3rd Flr. MVP
Photo taken by: Kelvin dela Cruz

TOP 1: I actually forgot what the third step was 😛

Seen at: CTC 105
Photo taken by: Patricia Cruz

Watch out for next week’s WTF WEDNESDAY segment! Leave a comment for suggestions on future entries 🙂


2 responses to “Funny Vandalism!

  1. I saw some of those in school 😛

  2. I wanna see those in school!! HAHAHAHA!

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