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PhotobucketUsing connections is an old but effective trick in the book. Likewise, perusing the vast endlessness of the World Wide Web may get a little complicated.

Which is why I’m providing a list of must-follow sites and blogs in the Philippines! What can I say? Concern for others is simply one of my God-given gifts.

  1. clickthecity.com
  2. What would we all do without the ever-reliable Click The City Dot Com? From the latest movies showing in the nearest mall from you to the most talked about events of the metro to reviews on the best restaurants all over the country, this site has all the information you’ll ever need.

  3. philgrocer.com
  4. If moldy cheese and a can of expired beer is all that’s left in your fridge, you may have to consider hitting Rustan’s. But then again, why waste gas when you can get your bag of goodies delivered right unto your doorstep?

    Try Phil Grocer! For a minimum delivery fee (3.99 USD or roughly 18o pesos for Metro Manila residents), you can get your fresh produce, succulent red and white meat and bottles of delicious soda with a push of a few buttons! Best of all, it doesn’t matter where you are because Phil Grocer delivers anywhere in the country (For provincial residences, be prepared to shell out 9.99 UDS for up to 5 kilos of grocery items)!

    Create an account now!

  5. stylebible.ph
  6. Powered by Preview Magazine, Style Bible Dot PH is the must-go site for the freshest and hottest trends hitting the metro. From features on cool young Philippine designers to an awesome spread of the most breathtaking Pinay models, Style Bible promotes Philippine fashion like never before.

    Plus, if you’re fashion forward enough, you can get featured on their Style Star segment. All you need is to attend the right events.

  7. spot.ph
  8. Spot Dot PH is popular for their Top 10 lists on matters regarding everything under the Philippine sun. So, if you need to be in-the-know about the 10 Aphrodisiacs and Where to Eat Them or  the Top 10 Online Boutiques: 2011 Edition, this site is the way to go.

  9. sulit.com.ph
  10. Online shopping is a thing of the present (and probably the future). Sulit Dot Com Dot PH is one reliable site especially for folks who are hoping to buy/sell big guns (translated as: appliances, gadgets, cars, etc.). Proven to be reliable by many (including yours truly), Sulit is a great place for  cheap and excellent secondhand (to the nth power) buys.

  11. manilaconcertscene.tumblr.com
  12. Do you consider yourself a massive music fan? Are you tired of missing concert after concert because news travels too slow in your circle?

    Worry no more, loser (I’m kidding!). Manila Concert Scene will definitely keep you posted on the steamiest arrivals from a roster of foreign and local greats. Whatever genre you may listen to, MCS is  definitely ready to give you the heads up you’ve desperately been seeking.



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