Wickedly Good


How can something wicked be so good? And since when was gluttony not a sin? At Wicked Kitchen, they offer tempting and delicious food that they even named their desserts after each of the 7 deadly sins! Located at the 2nd level of Petron Gasoline Station along Katipunan, this restaurant gives its customers a variety of choices from soups, appetizers, and salads, to sandwiches, main dishes, and pasta all at affordable prices! They even serve beer, wine, and cocktails for those who want to unwind or just chill.

Gluttony, a definite must-try

Cheesy and creamy "Ex's Lasagna"

Wicked Burger

Firestarter: Crunchy rolls of grilled chicken, chili, and cheese served with tomato salsa

Truly you won’t regret having a taste of their sinfully good food!

Pictures from:

http://food.clickthecity.com/b/Uq2be57 and http://hellokris.tumblr.com/post/1086960634/a-wicked-experience



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