Print Ad FAIL!


Hey, hey, hey! It’s time to tickle your funny bones once again. Here’s another segment of WTF Wednesdays – served amusingly funny for your viewing pleasure!

Print media advertising brings a competitive advantage. It’s a company’s way to communicate with its buyers. But, what happens when buyers read the company’s print ad and say WTF DOES THIS MEAN??? So for all those confused buyers, here’s Pink Daddy’s TOP 8 WTF PRINT AD FAIL!

Top 8: Used Toilet Paper for Sale

Even if you’re selling the BEST brand of USED toilet paper out there, I’m sorry to break it to you. It’s NEVER gonna sell!

Top 7: Not for Sale

So if you’re not selling it, you’re just… uhm…. showing it off?

Top 6: Animal/Baby Control

Abortion implication much?!

Top 5: Twisted 😐

Instead of minimizing meth use, this ad looks like it even promotes the use of the drug by making it look acceptable.

Top 4: Say Whut???

“A woman’s whole life in a single day, just one day, and in that day, her whole life”. Even if I read it again and again, I still don’t understand it. Is it just me or is this ad not really explain anything?

Top 3: Poorly placed advertisement

That’s not helpful at all. HAHAHA!

Top 2: Butt poked by something sharp

HAHA! Okay, take a good look at this picture. It’s actually the logo of the Brazilian Institute of Oriental Studies. Makes sense now?

Top 1: Baby McDo

A new McDonald’s branch just opened. That explains the baby! But, seriously, who’d want to go to a fastfood branch to get greeted by a scary looking clown baby?! I suggest that this baby be under Animal control! (Refer to this segment’s Top 3 picture!)

Get ready for next week as Pink Daddy tries get behind the ‘PUFF’ Graffiti mystery. Curious who he is? Find out next Wednesday!



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