25 last Feb 25.

(picture from http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/8298065-photos-25th-anniversary-of-filipino-people-power-revolution/content/73856796-25th-anniversary-of-people-power-revolution)
It was no doubt that the spotlight of the weeklong commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the first EDSA People Power was on the 25th of February. The anniversary had a theme of Tatak EDSA 25: Pilipino Ako, Ako ang Lakas ng Pagbabago.” The day started off with honors and flag raising in the morning on the People Power Monument. During the ceremony, President Benigno Aquino III also spearheaded the event with a speech. You can find a copy of President Noynoy’s speech here and a video of the flag raising event here.
(picture from http://www.keywordspeak.com/2011/02/cardinal-sin-statue.html)
Following by the flag raising ceremony was the unveiling of the statue of the late Cardinal Sin (see above). The statue is located at P. Burgos Street and A. Bonifacio Drive in Luneta and will be joining the statues of the two Aquinos, Cory and Ninoy. The statue was donated by the Mayor of the City of Manila, Alfredo Lim and sculpted by Ed Castrillo.
A commemorative historical marker wil also be unveiled in the exact location where former President Cory Aquino delivered a speech during the EDSA People Power Revolution. This was held in the POEA Building.
Different programs were also held throughout the day. The whole north bound lane of the EDSA Strip was closed down due to the celebrations. The strip was filled with different food stalls where food is available for a slow as 25 Php each. Actual tanks used in the revolution were also present in the event. The place was swarmed with yellow as thousands of attendees wore the said color in order to commemorate the “color of EDSA Revolution”
A “Salubungan” program was also held as a reenactment of the joining of forces of then General Fidel Ramos and then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile against the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.
A live musical variety show was showcased in White Plains Avenue. The show features different Filipino talents from the different TV stations in one big show. The show is divided into five segments entitled: (1) “Simulain, People Power History 101,” (2)“Ang Diwa, the Spirit of EDSA People Power,” (3)“Mga Simbolo, People Power Lives On,” (4)“Mga Bayani, the Heroes of Today,” and  (5)“People Power Ngayon, Nation Building Today.” The musical show was also followed by fireworks display. Read more about the variety show here and here.

Job fairs offering up to 25,000 jobs by 30 agencies was held in the POEA building while dental and medical missions were present in the Camp Aguinaldo gate.
For different albums on the event click here and here

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