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A Tablet A Day

PhotobucketWho needs to pop pills when you can get a savvier form of satisfaction? In an age where technology and innovation is absolutely necessary, maybe it’s about time you grab yourself this useful electronic device: the tablet.

Problem is, there’s actually so much to choose from! From Apple to Motorolla to HP to Dell, there’s bound to be one that will fit your personality to a tee. Allow moi to help you decide. After all, research, my darlings, is everything!

According to this article from CNET, these are the 5 tablets to look out for. But which one is the one for you?

(Click on the picture for products specs)

Motorola Xoom

For the power-driven boss. Are you all for the best there is out there? The Motorola Xoom ups the ante by providing the Apple’s iPad with the best competition out there.

The downside? You better be ready to break that credit limit (or a bank if you’re daring enough) because this thing doesn’t come cheap at $600 .

Apple iPad 2

For the artsy hipster. Revamped to counter the numerous cons of the original version (lack of rear cameras and integrated HD video output), this improved version will get you the loathing jealous stares you love to drown in — or not.

The con? Despite the thinner built, two words for Mr. Steve: still bulky.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

For Mr. Practical. Lightweight and with an emphasis on portable, Samsung Galaxy Tab has superb design and features under its (digital) belt that is a worthy contender of the iPad.

Truth of the matter is, the Tab may just be a glorified phone instead of a “Netbook alternative” that it was designed to be.

Dell Streak 7

For the individual. This baby boasts of 4G technology as compared to the 3G everyone else has.

Other than that, the Streak may not be anything special especially with the surge of Androids the industry is expecting.

Barnes and Noble Nook Color

For the literature major. The Nook may just be the best e-book reader out there with its colorful interface. Plus, it’s half the price of an iPad!

On the other hand, this gadget needs more apps and definitely a better app store!

Did that help?Photobucket




According to the most reliable dictionary around (a.k.a. Urban Dictionary AHAHA), the word “PHOTOBOMB” means an otherwise normal photo that has been ruined or spoiled by someone who was not supposed to be in the photographed.

So hail to all Photobombers out there! Thanks for this great laugh! :))


photobomb that guy - Happy dog


Where did you hold your wedding?!

And the dog just can't get a decent picture

I almost didn't notice MINI ME

Weather forecast or Wildlife report?

Jabbawockeez meets The Grudge

Is that Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge?... Is that a mustached guy behind her??

Don't be a skeptic! JT can wing this!


Yes, scarred for life. Thanks mom.

photobomb that guy - Very Happy Santa

What's the girl doing?! 😐

photobomb that guy - White People


photobomb that guy - Jack in the Box Bomb

Snowcone head

photobomb that guy - Community Action

Someone wants to go hooooome

photobomb that guy - She's Just Good At What She Does


If you have any Photobomb moments you want to share, go ahead! 🙂 Make Pink Daddy laugh!!!Photobucket