10 year old Fil-Can turned YouTube star duets with Lady Gaga

photo from: http://chareyes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/maria-aragon-born-this-way.png

Maria Aragon, a ten year old Filipino-Canadian whose claim to fame was her rendition of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, recently had a duet with the eccentric popstar in a concert in Canada last March 4 (Thursday evening in Canada, Monday morning here in the Philippines.)

Maria’s version of Gaga’s song reached 17 million hits when the singer tweeted her YouTube video with comment “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.” last February 17.  Below is a screenshot of Lady Gaga’s tweet to her 8,000,000++ followers.

photo from: http://www.hotstuffavenue.com/lady%20gaga%20maria%20aragon.jpg

Maria was invited by Lady Gaga to sing with her in her concert in Air Canada Centre during a phone chat in a Winnipeg radio station. (Watch the radio station phone chat here) . The Fil-Can arrived in the concert wearing an ensemble that seems to be reminiscent of her duet partner and idol. A toned down jacket and pants outfit with an orange monkey hanging in her neck. She sang and played the piano  in front of thousands of people while sitting on Lady Gaga’s lap. Click here to watch the concert rendition of the song. The singer kissed the little girl after listening to what Maria had to say.

Now this is just to prove the world how talented the Filipinos are as Maria recently admitted to being a proud Filipino. Watch the news air of the report here. Maria has also appeared in the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America and sang her cover of different songs such as Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are.

Read more reports on Maria’s catapult to internet stardom, her duet with Lady Gaga and others here, here, and here


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