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Who the heck is ‘Puff’?!

PhotobucketSorry Pink Daddy readers! I got busy with some chicks homework the past few days.

Anyway, when I was walking back to the Ateneo, I used the overpass and saw the graffiti written practically everywhere. It says, “Puff”. It made me want to solve the mystery. WHO IS PUFF?! Why write your name/nickname/trademark/whatever everywhere?!

Here were my initial suspects:


Naaahh,he lives too far away to do something like this.


Maybe not him/her. Too superficial (and cute)!

No for both? Then, I have no more suspects! I wonder who “Puff” is 😐 Well, here are more pictures of his/her graffiti misdeeds.

'Puff' at the bridge

'Puff' at Sec C (Near Matteo Ricci)

'Puff' going up the SOM department

Well ‘Puff’, whoever you are, what you’re doing is NOT cool.

Please think about our manong and manangs who have to clean up your “trademark”. Don’t make our (our possibly yours too) school look messy.

You don’t have to leave an anonymous-like trademark if what you’re proud of what you’re doing. Looks like you’re not.

Have respect, ‘Puff’. Pink Daddy says so! Tough love right here!



2011 Concerts You Sorely Can’t Miss


Mosh pits, blaring music, a full-house, the crowd absolutely losing it — who doesn’t love a concert-gone-wild?

I’ve already missed DJ Bob Sinclair and some dude with a philharmonic group (Am I giving away my music genre preference?). God forbid I miss these:

Get ready to get that booty shakin' with the hip-hop boys that brought you the hits "I'm in Miami Trick", "Yes" and the ever-popular "Shots" tonight at Republiq.

Janet has landed! This pop icon of royal pop blood is set to groove to the music on February 4 at the CCP Complex.

All you hardcore rock fanatics get ready to thrash the World Trade Center on February 12.

It's a triple threat! I suggest you start clearing those schedules. (Feb. 17 at TriNoma Activity Center, Feb. 18 at Glorietta, Feb. 19 at Market! Market! & Feb. 20 at Alabang Town Center)

I hear the tickets were all sold out since December! This belle is about to share her love story to you on Feb. 19 at the Araneta Coliseum. And if the rumors are true (hint: Jake Gyllenhaal break-up), I hear she's looking for Romeo.

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